Compounds are the primary collectable items for the player to obtain in Thrive's Microbe stage.

Compounds can currently (since 0.3.3) are obtained through compound clouds, found in the envrinment. To collect the compounds cloud one must swim through it. Depending on the biome the microbe is located different amount of compound clouds wil be found.

Compound Types

  • Oxygen is a compound used with glucose to produce ATP. Oxygen clouds are colored light blue.
  • Glucose is a compound used with oxygen to produce ATP. Glucose clouds are colored white.
  • Ammonia is a compound used solely to produce amino acids. Ammonia clouds are colored yellow.
  • CO2 is a compound used with Chloroplasts to produce ATP. CO2 clouds are colored dark blue. It is collected from the enviroment, but it is also produced as a side-product during cellular respiration (glucose + oxygen) and in the production of amino acids.
  • Amino Acids are a type of compound solely used to create reproductase. Amino acids clods are colored pink. Amino acids can be acquired by engulfing other cells or through Amonia and CO2.
  • Reproductase is a fictional compound used to represent when a microbe can reproduce. Once a microbe attains 5 reproductase, it can split into 2 and enter the microbe editor. Reproductase is produced using 6 amino acids, 6 glucose, 6 oxygen and 6 ATP. Reproductase has been removed from the game since version 0.3.3.
  • ATP, which stands for Adenosine triphosphate is a compound used to power a player's microbe. It cannot be found in the environment and must be produced via organelle processing.
  • OxyToxy NT is a compound that can only be produced if the player's microbe has a toxin vacuole. It is produced with 3 oxygen. If the player has enough OxyToxy stored up, they can press E to release a single OxyToxy which will damage another microbe on contact. In version 0.3.1, it resembles a purple "X" with a grey center.

Compound Clouds

It is through compound clouds that the unicellular organisms of the microbe stage collect compounds from the environment. Depending of the biome different quantities of compound clouds are emitted

Oxygen clouds are light blue.
Glucose clouds are white.
Ammonia clouds are yellow.
CO2 clouds are dark blue.

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