Deserts are biomes mostly devoid of precipitation. They can be any temperature, and usually have a very interesting topography. These biomes sometimes get all of their precipitation at once, triggering flash floods . Most of these biomes are at a succession stage of 1. The list of desert biomes is unfinished.

Dune Desert

Occurs very dry areas, usually in the center of a continent
Resources none
Elevation from -100(not below water) to +3000 m
Climate very little rain , frequent dust storms
Topography shifting dunes, with occasional rocky outcrops or plateaus
Biodiversity 1
Autotroph niches tiny to small
Heterotroph niches tiny to midsize (very rare) herbivore , tiny to small carnivore
Other Organisms must be extremely efficient in their handling of water. Life is driven by the search for water, and many animals are nomadic.