The Akala tribe is one of the player-controlled tribes in "Another Civilization Forum Game." It is controlled by Immortal_Dragon.

The Alkala tribe's trek to the eastern grasslands resulted in the discovery of the rideable, flightless Nokii birds, as well as a river inhabited by spiked crocodiles called Tafra. A failed attempt to domesticate the Nokii led to the birds becoming hostile, and the Akala have responded by stealing 6 Tafra eggs, intent on raising them as guard animals. Further bad luck surfaced in initial attempts at construction, which resulted in unstable houses and several dead inhabitants, although this mistake was soon rectified.

An attempt to coax the tribe's "shamans" into learning the Tafra's reasons for aggression made it abundantly clear that the Alkala had little in the way of actual magic use. The frustrated tribesmen drove out the false shamans, who, resentful, planned to learn magic and use it against their former peers. The tribesmen themselves began to doubt the existence of magic.

A few days later, the Alkala captured some of the fraudulent shamans, tied them up, and fed them to the Nokii. Afterwards, the Akala took a break from unsuccessful taming attempts by improving their agricultural practices. However, once again, a new taming attempt backfired, this time due to sabotage by Akala who developed a hatred for the Nokii.

in retaliation, the tribe leaders mandated that the saboteurs be sentenced to hard labor, although the tamers were targeted by mistake, instead. A hastily-assembled militia failed to defend the village from the Nokii, allowing the attacking birds to run amock, stealing the Akala food supply. Facing starvation, the Alkala revolutionized their agricultural practices. They used new techniques, like the use of feces to enrich the soil, to cultivate a new crop with medicinal effects.

A religion emerged among the Alkala, known as Alkalaiea although it only caught on with cultist extremists. The religion centered around the two aspects of a greater being named Alkala:

  • Alk, god of the sun, beginnings, and birth
  • Ala, goddess of the moon, endings, and death

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