The Kazarite tribe is one of the player-controlled tribes in "Another Civilization Forum Game." It is controlled by mitobox.

This tribe inhabits a cold, foggy area of land to the northwest. They are "led" by a mysterious shaman named Kazar, who most followed there out of mere curiosity. Scouts soon discovered that the lake to the south is rich in resources, including rainbow-colored fish, but also an island hosting a dangerous plant. The Gloom, as it is called, lures in victims with its yellow fruits, which disorient any who consume them, allowing them to be ensnared by the Gloom's roots. This island also hosts a dungeon.

The Kazarites have built a village near the lake, but a failed dungeon raid led to the spread of Piercingitis, a vampiric disease originating from a vampire in the dungeon's overgrown second floor. The Kazarites were initially unprepared to deal with this new threat, but gathering the Grawlic plant, whose strong-smelling bulbs have an adverse effect on vampires, gave them a chance to protect themselves. However, the vampires' thralls sabotaged efforts to grow Grawlic outside the forest.

Kirala assembled a group of Kazarites to hunt down the infiltrating vampires, in a bid to free their thralls. However, they only succeeded in killing recently-turned vampires that were of relatively little threat, and the fact that vampire cadavers rapidly decay into ashes made it clear that several innocents had also been killed. This made many Kazarites dislike Kirala for her ruthlessness.

Named Individuals

Generation One


  • Kazar (♂): The tribe's de facto leader, an elderly shaman.
  • Kirala (♀): One of the tribe's scouts, who later participated in the first dungeon raid. Eventually led a group of vampire hunters.

Scouts, Warriors, etc.

  • Merlak (♂): POV of the Gloom Island story.
  • Koel (♂): Young and impatient. Was the first Kazarite to eat Gloom fruit.
  • Gadof (♂): Strong, but usually quiet. If it weren't for his alerting shout, the whole group would have been ensnared by a Gloom tree.
  • Frich (♂): An experienced hunter, with a good understanding of survival strategies. A participant in the first dungeon raid.

Other Spiecine Althio

  • Rorkuk (♂): A young, somewhat brash hunter. Reported Meltem's disappearance and found message to Kazar.
  • Nozzik (♂): A young hunter who had sprained his ankle while living on his own, only to have it healed by a passing Kazar in little time. He then followed him out of curiosity.
  • Nichun (♂): A young, male (unusual) gatherer, with a meek personality due to the death of his mother.


  • Meltem (♂): Left a crude message in his hut (directed towards "[his] fellow Kazarians") saying dubious claims, such as that vampires are harmless.

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