The Koren tribe is one of the player-controlled tribes in "Another Civilization Forum Game." It is controlled by agenttine.

This tribe migrated north, where the conditions forced them to hunt a species of large, six-limbed ground sloths for meat and hides. Furthermore, wolflike creatures capable of changing fur shade between light and dark attack those who attempt to use the newly-invented "warmth" spell to stay warm. Their leader, the mad shaman Fiod, accidentally afflicted several members of the tribe with a curse. Fiod has attempted to have these "False Korens" exterminated, such as through a new fire-based spell, called "Cleanse."

Fiod's increasingly authoritarian tendencies grew resentment among Korens and False Korens alike. With the threat of assassination looming, Fiod's desperate desire for more power attracted a demon into his dreams. A pact with the demon gave Fiod his coveted power (visible as wings and one of his horns lengthening), in exchange for one of his future children.

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