The Viets tribe is one of the player-controlled tribes in "Another Civilization Forum Game." It is controlled by PositiveTower.

The Viets were late to leave the ruined Spiecine Althio homeland. Upon their arrival to the eastern grasslands, a new problem emerged as several of their own were found dead due to an unknown threat. The tribe fled further southeast, reaching a snowy region home to animals such as four-armed sloths. The tribe grew divided over whether to go further east; some did, but died before they could send any word back to the main tribe.

The Viets' first act of settling in was to build primitive schools for their children. As a result of their education, the next generation was quick to learn farming (Round 25 Event). In the same vein, they trained tribesfolk into a disciplined fighting force.

A growing religion centering around dual harmony within all things spiraled out of control when it was hijacked by members of the tribe to their own ends, who went on to terrorize the people before being struck down by the puritanic faction.