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An Ionax of the Citizen caste


The Ionax are robots that stand 7.5 feet tall and weigh several hundred pounds. Inside their heads, circuits connect to a core made out of the material Positium. They are divided into three castes, Citizen, Soldier and Official.

The Citizen Ionax is the most basic Ionax and the basis for the other Ionax castes. They are covered in dark gray and light gray plates with small yellow lights on their head and chest. Their eyes are three orange bulbs that lie in a vertical line. Their symbol is a horizontal line. 

The Soldier caste is the tallest and most armored of the Ionax castes. They stand 2 feet taller than the standard Ionax making them 9.5 feet tall. Unlike the other two Ionax castes, they posses no light gray plates but rather have dark grayish-blue plates that a much tougher than the usual metal that makes up an Ionax. Their symbol is a V-shape.

The Official caste is similar to the Citizen caste but with some distinct differences. They have a few of the dark-grayish blue plates on their body that are usually found on a Soldier Ionax and possess flowing neon blue energy capes produced via their Positium cores. Their symbol is an X-shape.

Despite being non-organic, Ionax have an average lifespan of 1,000 years before their circuits become too old to repair. Likewise they can still rust or short-circuit underwater and become warped in the vacuum of space.


The Ionax have a Monarchic government. The primary city-ship, Alox, and it's elected Official is the ultimate ruler of the Ionax empire but every other city-ship still has their own elected Official, soldiers and economy. The economy of Ionax varies from city-ship to city-ship, though Positium mining is common among all of them.


  • Ionax are very pragmatic and experimental, with most Ionax businesses revolving around the production of weapons or ship parts to supplement the soldiers or assist with the repair of either the city-ship or smaller ships found among it's citizens. A common practice in Ionax society called "Voxxel" (translates to Many Repair in English) is when several Ionax gather to repair soldiers who have returned from a battle. Why they do this is unknown as even the Ionax themselves are unable to explain phenomenon. Non-Ionax visitors are extremely rare as the Ionax are a very isolationist society, only involving themselves in the affairs of other empires in extreme cases.


Ionax possess incredibly advanced technology, varying from weaponry to ship parts to ship design to several other fields of technology. Most notable is their city-ships, massive spaceships powered by large Positium spheres that serves as the bases for the empire. Each one has a Residential District, Market District, Military District, Official's District and Docking Bay. Among their weaponry, they are producers of Nova Rifles which fire electrically-charged bullets that fire at a rapid speed and pace, Plasma weapons ranging from pistols to rifles to cannons and notably Positium Tesla Rifles which fire electrical charges similar to a machine gun. Easily the most important piece of technology that the Ionax have is the Lonework, a database found in Alox where the memories or Officials and certain Soldiers are uploaded for use by later Officials. 


Well Known/Important Ionax: 

Cylax (Leading Official of Alox, Leader of the Ionax Empire) 

Ridus (Leading Official of Xexel) 

Madon (Leading Official of Vasse) 

Exon (Head-Commander of the Ionax Military) 

No-1 (Experimental soldier from the Experimental Soldier Program, Leader of the pirate faction the Plasma Blades) 

Vazrox (Former Leading Official of Physon, Lord of criminal pirate empire the Iron Battalion) 

Corvos (Former Soldier of the Ionax Military, Leader of faction known as The Shattered) 

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