Kavos is located (as mentioned in the Karava article) along the middle Tenebrarum arm. The jungle world orbits around its home star, Haroth.


Kavos has two moons, Karon and Tal. Karon is the largest of the two, and the only one visited because of its mystical beauty. Tal, however, is similar to Earths moon, Luna. Barren and unforgiving. Karon was visited mainly because its atmosphere, which was discovered later. It shares many similarities to Saturns moon, Titan.



Kavos, or sometimes refered to as "far earth" by a particular sapient, has a variety of areas to explore, each with their own world within. Jungles take up most of the area on the surface, while swamps, lakes, rivers, and large forests surround it. Other areas, such as the tundra and deserts, are less hospitable to life, but still carry a minimum nonetheless. Mountains carry many creatures, some that live in caves, ravines, and taverns that would make any sapient claustrophobic, even the Karava. Theres even life in the lowly tidepools. Life in this area are black and leathery, with mucus coating them like a jacket. 

Prehistoric Eras:

Kavos Local Ecosystem: