The Microbe Stage is the name given to Thrive's first stage. Currently (page updated with version 0.3.2 as a reference), it is the only stage that is implemented although unfinished and is currently being developed. The stage's only editor is the Microbe Editor.


In the Microbe stage, you control a microbial organism which the player can control the evolution of. The player can explore the environment, collect compounds and upgrade their microbe. As the player travels the world around them, compound clouds and microbes are procedurally generated. To collect compounds, the player must find compound clouds and gather them. Compound clouds come in different colors, each corresponding to a compound (see Compounds). Other microbes are also found, which can hunt the player or be hunted if either individual possesses a toxin vacuole. Occasionally the player may also find a clear bubble with a golden center, which, if collected, unlocks the toxin vacuole organelle.

Compounds are stored in vacuoles, compounds are processed in mitochondria, ATP is used by flagellum, chloroplasts make ATP from CO2 and sunlight and toxin vacuoles allow the hunting of enemy microbes by pressing the 'E' key.

The player can achieve reproduction by gathering 5 "reproductase", and by clicking the cell division button in the top left corner of the screen to enter the editor (see Organelles). The player has a limited amount of 'Mutation Points" (or MP) when in the editor and can have their limit reset next time they enter the Microbe Editor.

The player can die by losing all of their ATP or losing too much HP to hunter microbes. When this happens, the player takes control of another microbe of their species with default compound reserves.

In the 0.3.2 update, the player will have a tutorial if a new game is made. This tutorial can be skipped by pressing the 'Escape' key or can be completed. In the tutorial, the game's basic mechanics are shown as well as the microbe editor. You get one allowed change in the tutorial so you can get used to the editor. You can encounter the tutorial only once per new game.


The Microbe Stage's main editor is the Microbe Editor, in which the player upgrades their single celled organism by adding new organelles, and in the future, upgrading current ones. For more in-depth information, see the Microbe Editor page.



The tutorial.


The Microbe Editor.


0.3.2 Gameplay.

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