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The following page is based on conceptual design for Thrive and the information on it is not currently implemented in the game.

The tech editor is one of the most fundamental features of the post-sapience stages of the game. Unlocked with the discovery of crafting, the tech editor allows for the player to create tools, weapons, buildings, vehicles or anything that would help the player's society in the fields of gathering, warfare, exploration, transportation, science and production.

The most basic units of construction of a tech object are function parts, objects that give the tech object uses and characteristics. These function parts are unlocked as technology progresses.

Along with function parts are many generic and decorational objects, which are used solely for giving the tech objects structure and decorating them.

When the player finishes designing the tech object, he can choose its textures and colors, further customizing its looks.  

List of function parts

This is a full list of the function parts thought of and agreed upon, along with their technological requirements. They are split into four categories:           


Function Part Technology
Torch Fire
Handle Crafting
Net Weaving
Hammer Collection
Scythe Agriculture
Plough Agriculture
Spearhead Hunting
Scout Pack Hunting
Blowgun Hunting
Dart Pouch Hunting
Javelin Hunting
Javelin Quiver Hunting
Saddle Animal Riding
Axe Weaponry
Blade Blades
Sling Projectile Weapons
Stone Pouch Projectile Weapons
Bow Archery
Arrow Quiver Archery
Pickaxe Mining
Crossbow Engineering
Bolt Quiver Engineering
Climbing Gear Mountaineering
Cartography Pack Cartography
Amplifiers Hearing Horn
Oculars Optics
Flintlock Barrel Gunpowder
Stock Gunpowder
Bullet Pouch Gunpowder
Gun Mount Gunpowder
Musket Barrel Expert Gunpowder
Rifled Barrel Rifling
Shotgun Barrel Shotgun
Spy Gear Photography
Explosive Explosives
Gas Canister Chemical Warfare
Gas Protection Chemical Warfare
Scoped Rifle Barrel
Machine Gun Barrel Automatic Weapons
Submachine Gun Barrel Automatic Weapons
Artillery Barrel Artillery
Assault Rifle Barrel


Function Part Technology
Fire Fire
Wheel The Wheel
Rope Weaving
Container Collection
Aquatic Trap Water-Bound Gathering
Oars Boating
Sail Sailing
Rudder Sailing
Cargo Hold Sailing
Catapult Mechanism Siege Weapons
Ballista Mechanism Siege Weapons
Battering Ram Siege Weapons
Treadmill Crane Machinery
Trebuchet Mechanism Engineering
Chain Engineering
Cannon Gunpowder
Water Turbine Electricity
Wind Turbine Electricity
Sonar Electronic
Radar Electronic Echolation
Geothermal Turbine Thermodynamics
Balloon Thermodynamics
Combustion Engine Combustion
Steam Engine Steam Power
Mechanical Loom Assembly Line
Rail Vehicle Railroad
Ship Propeller Screw Propeller
Harvester  Agricultural Engineering
Planter Agricultural Engineering
Plougher Agricultural Enginnering
Howitzer Artillery
Nuclear Warhead Fission
Tired Wheel Motorized Transport
Turret Motorized Transport
Ballast Tank Submarines
Flight Propeller Flight
Wing Flight
Jet Turbine Jet Propulsion
Rotors Vertical Flight


Function Part Technology
Housing Shelter
Crafting Hut Sentry Post
Sentry Post Fortifications
Statue Ritualism
Shrine Ritualism
Sacrificial Altar Sacrifice
Stockpile  Collection
Granary Agriculture
Ceramics Oven Pottery
Market Trade
Apothecary Naturopathy
Dock Boating
Lighthouse Sailing
Harbour  Seafaring
Barracks Millitary Training
Training Grounds Millitary Training
Temple Priesthood
Burial Site Ceremonial Burial
Well Masonry
Forge Metal Casting
Smithy Metal Casting
Records Storage Record Keeping
Courthouse Code Of Laws
Concrete Maker Construction
Cistern Construction
Tower Construction
Lumbermill Machinery
Workshop Machinery
Academy Philosophy
Library Literature
Theatre Drama
Religious School Theology
House Of Worship Free Church
Sewer Sanitation
Fire Brigade Fire Brigades
City Council Civil Service
Constabulary Policing
Laboratory Invention
Printing Press Printing
Classroom Education
Observatory Astronomy
Chemical Refinery Chemistry
Gas Tank Chemistry
Cinema Motion Picture
Arena Athletics
Bank Banking
Stock Exchange Stocks
Customs House Usury
Millitary Academy Millitary Tradition
Animal Enclosure Biology
Hospital Medicine
Water Pump Advanced Sanitation
Organic Lab Organic Chemistry
Biofuel Lab Biofuels

Refrigerated Storage

Radio Tower Radio
Refinery Assembly Line
Assembly Line Assembly Line
Casting Plant Assembly Line
Particle Accelerator Atomic Physics
Nuclear Reactor Nuclear Power
High Density Housing Civil Engineering
Police Station Civil Engineering
Fire Station Firefighting
Runway Flight


Function Part Technology
Wall Masonry
Road City Planning
Irrigation Canal City Planning
Aqueduct Canal Systems
Pipeline Advanced Sanitation
Electric Rail Electronics
Rail Railroad

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