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Thrive Main Theme Solo Piano Extract (Sheet Music)01:11

Thrive Main Theme Solo Piano Extract (Sheet Music)


The Thrive Community Wiki is a database for Thrive-related information that anyone can edit, which includes guides, tips, hints and concepts, designed to help players get understand the game. However, please bear in mind that the game is still a work in progress and this wiki is edited by the community, therefore information may not be completely accurate. If in doubt, a good place to go is the Community Forum, where you can ask questions and developers are a lot more active. If you notice any errors, please let someone important-looking know. Cheers!

This wiki is not to be confused with the Thrive Developers' Wiki which, as the name suggests, can only be edited by developers, although anyone can view it.

Have a suggestion for a page? Why not request it here at our Wiki Page Suggestion thread?

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a volunteer project that strives to create a game that combines accurate science and fun gameplay, and is also semi-educational. Eight stages of gameplay will take the player from minute cell in a vast tide pool to a planet-conquering civilisation to a being with godlike powers. Thrive, as a concept has existed since 2009 and is currently still developing the Microbe Stage, although (fingers crossed) development appears to be increasing somewhat. You can get involved with development here. See here for more detailed information on Thrive and also a history of the project.

Rules and Regulations

These are the rules and regulations for contributing to this wiki. We welcome contributions of any size and are quite relaxed about it. Unfortunately, some rules are necessary to keep a good web presence and these will be enforced through regular check-ups by moderators.

1. Please be respectful to others and do not post anything offensive.
Silly goat
2. Try to make sure any information you add is accurate.

3. Ensure your contributions (sounds like some kind of sacrifice ritual) are related to Thrive.

4. Do your best to use correct spelling and grammar. We do understand that for some people editing this wiki, English is not their first language, and understand the trouble this may cause but do ask you take as much care as possible. Having to have developers moderate poor spelling and grammar means less real development is happening.

5. All hail the goat! (We're not a cult - I promise...)

Important Links

Community - For information about the wonderful community that surrounds Thrive.

In-Game - For any subject in the game.


External Links

Main Website

Community Forum

Developer's Forum





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